Pit Orchestra

Anastasia Pit Orchestra Dates

Date Time Description


4 Mon TBD During school

*11 Mon 8:40-10:30am Run Act I

Note a time has now been added above

*15 Fri 2:46-5:30pm 6th hour +

Note this is in place of April 16

16 Sat 8:30-12pm Run Act I

25 Mon TBD During school


2 Mon TBD During school

6 Fri 2:45-6pm Act II

Note the date above has been cancelled

9 Mon 1-4pm

10 Tues 3-6pm Act I

11 Wed 3-6pm Act II

12 Thur NA No pit orchestra

13 Fri 3-7pm Full show run

14 Sat 8am-2pm Wet tech

Lunch provided

16 Mon 1:30-4:30pm UPDATED 5/10

17 Tues 2:45-5:15pm UPDATED 5/10

18 Wed 6:45pm call Performance

19 Thurs 6:45pm call Performance

20 Fri 6:45pm call Performance

21 Sat 6:45pm call Performance